Murray & Jackie Hynd, travelling pretty extensively around the world, have holidayed, and lived, in Spain and New Zealand.  They recommend both: for either. Spain-holiday-NZ seemed the natural progression.   In Spain, pagan Pageantry, top Fiestas, Moors & Christians extravaganzas. 

The undeniable Moorish legacy, especially in Elche; Misteri d'Elx, (Mystery Play of Elche) uniquely represents a medieval origin and history.  Festivals, fiestas in Spain are glittering affairs; they sparkle with glamour and excitement.  Dazzling and spectacular, fiestas in Spain and has a multitude of participants; shopkeepers and lawyers by day, kings and queens of the Spanish fiestas by night!

Carnival, another of Spain's fiestas, is a show-stopper.  It is the Northern hemispheres' winter, evocative of pagan rites, melodious though sombre strolling minstrels and sardine-burning rituals.  Fiestas in Spain also have a more solemn ambiance; Holy Week has the power to mystify and overwhelm. SPANISH fiestas section is located further below.

On other holidays to Spain, Costa del la Luz is beautiful, wild and windy. Perhaps it's not the Spanish holiday I'd image having, being almost being blown off my feet in March of the year we visited.  A holiday to Andalucia : the golden triangle: Granada, Seville, Cordoba, it is spectacular whichever times of year you visit, where you'll see flamenco, winding valleys, atmospheric villages; the Moorish heritage and architecture everywhere.  Inland from Costa del Sol, is heaven on earth for golfers.   Costa Calida, we found a little too dry and arid.  Spaghetti Westerns movies were filmed in the hinterland behind Almeria.   Costa del Azahar is lush with orange, olive and fruit orchards.  Ancient fortresses, endless beaches, flamingos, capital of shoes in Spain, and much more besides; simply lovely.

Studying in NZ, I was already looking at holidays in NZ for friends.  Holiday places like Bay of Islands, the Hole-In-The-Rock trip was certainly worth it.  Rotorua - culture and lots of thermal wonderland adventures; then went to Taupo, another great holiday place. 

In NZ, skiing is done on Mt Ruapehu in the North Island, and in premier ski areas in the South Island.  On holidays to South Island NZ, the mountains are higher, seas rougher and the depth of the Pacific hides massive oceanic-trenches, where graceful creatures dance: whale watching.  Sea lions and seal colonies are noisy yet beautiful, as they cavort and frolic.  Fish-vans on deserted roads outside Kaikoura sold fresh crayfish and seafood when I was at University. 

In search of more holiday activities, extreme daredevil adventures ... head to Queenstown for holidays in NZ.  Adrenaline-fuelled bungy jump, zip-line, skiing, white-water rafting, delectable food, the friendliest people.

Pure, 100% NZ, the lush agricultural landscape hides Hobbiton, a peaceful Shire region of Middle-earth.  Mysterious, and epic Middle Earth cinematic scenery, towering mountains, rolling plains and plunging valleys, give rise to the filming of the The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogy.  It's as if NZ was made for the part.  Spectacular landscapes, more than 150 locations throughout NZ were used to dramatic effect - it truly captures the imagination.

Murray and Jackie are living proof that a life-changing AVM brain haemorrhage and resulting massive stroke, cannot dim the human spirit.  Travelling around the world; living in Spain, New Zealand and turning holiday experiences into a purpose: spain-holiday-nz was born.  We took the DIY approach to everything including stroke rehabilitation with why-not and can-do: the stroke rehab results are impressive.   Stroke, Paralysis, Re-Learning LIFE – an inspirational journey.


Viva España / Haere mai ki Aotearoa

Personal Journey and Milestones are stroke related, accessible from top navigation bar. The Spanish section, NZ (& Beyond), and Holiday Ideas are a reflection of the people, culture, archaeology, architecture, gastronomy, history in our travels and our on-going journey.

cape reinga, NZ: lighthouse, where the pacific ocean meets the tasman sea

cape reinga, NZ: lighthouse, where the pacific ocean meets the tasman sea


coco-taxis, egg-shaped, three-wheeler in the shape of a yellow coconut, downtown Havana, cuba worldwide holiday ideas

coco-taxis, egg-shaped, three-wheeler in the shape of a yellow coconut, downtown Havana, cuba worldwide holiday ideas




Life is a journey, so enjoy the ride.