An opportunity to join the trend-setters who had an altrusitic mind-set back in 2009: :, an online initiative based in the United Kingdom, formed to provide an aspirational platform for individuals to embark on collaborative self-improvement, with an occasional tangent to collectivise support for a common good.

This particular occasion was to collect examples of clothing from charity shops, sort and assemble the garments into themes, and photo shoot volunteers modelling the garments in different locations around central London - the result was a charity calendar.  I answered an advertising article calling for models in in a charity event, the Credit Crunch Calendar. 

Credit Crunch Calendar, hmmm: a model - perhaps that meant vintage couture or bohemian chic?  Being a triumphant stroke survivor I was game.  But was I cut out to be a model for a Credit Crunch Calender for charity, even for one day? And a one handed model at that?   I am a stroke survivor with obvious shortcomings, but I was sure I'd do a pretty good job if I were selected.

As it turned out Iwas lucky enough selected to be one of the models, and braved near-zero temperatures in and around suburban areas near Wandsworth Bridge.   From the archives, click here.