We spent a lot of effort and time scouring the internet for rehabilitation services and techniques for stroke rehab, and in the process made a lot of contacts. 

[The above photo is August 1995; Jackie got a hall-pass from Charing Cross Hospital during her three months there - post-stroke, first dinner out with friends at a French restaurant across the road from the hospital].

Moving back to the UK for a short time 2008/9, through mymission2 we were put in touch with a journalist from the leading rehab publication in the UK, Able Magazine.   Able Magazine highlights and promotes lifestyle issues important to disabled people in the UK.  Perhaps a stroke survivor story who defied the odds?

He considered my story to be worthwhile sharing, as stroke rehab as a subject matter too often is stuck in the too hard basket, with success stories few and far between.  The process hasn't finished yet, and we're not giving up... some would say: stroke triumphant?.

Here's the article:

Scanned in from the original May 2009 edition of Able Magazine (UK)