Valentines Day Treats 2010

Valentines Day DIY: there is nothing more the essence of Valentines Day than giving something that you made yourself, rather than buying a gift which is so not cool.  Most gifts need two hands and a lot of concentration.  The value is exponential when you only had one hand to make it with....

Elche Style 2010

Spoilt for Choice.   Shoes, other than diamonds, are a girls best friend.  Especially when a factory outlet just around the corner is stocked to the ceiling with with low price top quality shoes, which are manufactured in the same area.

Smorgasbord 2010

Surprise in the hamlet of Valverde... The sign says all you can eat for 7 Euros... a handful of groceries cost you more in the supermarket... is this a trick, or a real find?  Time to loosen the belt a few notches.

Handbags & Gladrags 2010

Handbags... another one?   Men seek out quality power tools,  but the ladies suffice with their handbags and a kaleidoscope of accessories.  And, quality and style doesn't come at a Kings Ransom...

Shoes Rose Flamenco 2010

From the expected the unexpected:  typical Saturday at the market, cruising around at home till a late hour and then oops its 11pm - what to do for dinner?  This is Spain - you eat out - it included 'Spain Has Talent' even though it wasn't on the menu...

Wine Route 2010

Wine is a solution - was there any problem?...  Grapes grow from any crack in the pavement in Spain - its in the DNA of the country - what is available near our place? 

Spa 2010

Spa = anywhere from $ to $$$$$.  For a very modest fee, you get 3-course lunch and add in whirlpools, massage hammocks, sauna and steam-room, plus, plus.  Read on

World Cup 2010

Love football? Some of your blood is Spanish. The locals usually disagree over Real Madrid or Barcelona around here... will they pull together to get Spain to the final in South Africa?  Let's join them...

Elche 'Huerta del Cura' 2010

Gardens with Attitude: "isn't it just wonderful?"  Inquisitive finger to stroke and, 'ouch'.  Gardens that look picture-sharp are Machiavellian by default, so treating them with respect and a safe distance is a good call....

Valor Chocolate Factory 2010

Gift or gobble?  Spain is renowned for paella, bullfights, wine, and fiestas... it also makes deliciously good chocolate.  Having a world-renowned chocolate factory within easy reach is a bonus (or a dilemma)...

Valencia Science Park 2010

Starfish, StarTrek and Stegosaurus;  water-space, outer-space, and last-ice-age-space - a day trip to visit the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, which includes a dramatic Oceanarium.