Natural products you would normally associate with food are actually an excellent foundation for health, beauty, well being, and also presentation.  Beauty, image is everything?  Fashion, hair, makeup, choosing your own personal style, is the key.

We are bombarded with images of celebrities who are impossibly, impeccably groomed.  Perfectly coiffed hair, manicured nails, glamorous alluring ensemble, for a trip to the grocers.  Perhaps sexy fuschia stilettos with a killer gold heel.  TV shows and documentaries proliferate with trendy personal stylists, personal shoppers, glamorous hair and makeup in fashion publications.  What happened to natural beauty?

The process of determining colors of clothing and makeup to match your skin complexion is called colour analysis. Colour analysis can work wonders, together with wardrobe planning and style consulting, ...voila! Choosing the right colours for your skin tone, could make it pop and sparkle. Colours which are not so right, could make your skin and your whole appearance sallow and dull. You can correct the not-so-ideal colours by the jewelry that you may choose to wear; gold, or silver.

You could choose to go to a professional stylist, but do a quick colour analysis online perhaps, which is what I've just tried. I'd already had my colour chart done a long time ago; the results are pretty consistent with ones that I got, online, with different websites.Some colour consultants provide you with a swatch of colours suit your skin tone (winter, summer, autumn, spring) after they finish a colour session with you. It's true that you can wear every colour; but it's the shade of the colour that makes the difference. A scarf in the correct colours for your skin tone enhances your ensemble.

All bodies are unique and beautiful. How to the find the right clothes to flatter my body?  The secret is to de-emphasize parts of the body and accentuate your best assets.  The natural way to beautify.  Which clothing styles, proportions, lengths, accessories and hair style are most flattering for your body and face shapes? In the privacy of the bedroom, strip down to bra and knickers and look at yourself in the mirror - you have a shape to work with – pear (or triangle), square (no well-defined waist), inverted-triangle (V), hourglass (8) - are the main shapes. There are many sites on the web, or articles in fashion magazines that give hints as to the enhancement of your shape to a more flattering silhouette, when you've determined the correct shape to dress for.

Vast arrays of creams, liquids, serums, potions, elixirs and combinations of these – which ones give the best results? Cosmetic counters all the world over, have bewildering, famous brand-named products or not so readily well-known companies, vying for your attention. Keep skincare simple, treat skin gently, try coconut oil, protect yourself from the suns rays, avocados for eating and for keeping skin great, eat healthily, keep clear of sweets, manage stress are some of the ways to refresh and beautify.

Nowadays, many fashionistas are opting for natural products to beautify themselves, shunning claims of high-tech, multimillion-dollar companies. Honey, almond oil, lavender oil, milk, yoghurt, coconut oil, are some of the ingredients of the home kitchen cosmetics. More exotic names like neem, amla, turmeric, sandalwood are ayurvedic herbal remedies, beauty recipes from further afield.

On a visit to Turkey quite some time ago, before my stroke, we did a daytrip to Dalyan. Many people believe the mud had beautifying qualities, that if applied regularly to aging skin, wrinkles will disappear. We were up for it , why not? – slather yourself with mud, and wait in the hot sun for the mud to dry off. It certainly tightens pores in the drying-up process. When the mud has been completely dried off, we dipped ourselves in pools of varying temperature to wash off, for fresh, tight, and exfoliated skin. Very invigorating and it apparently had a detoxifying effect.  And has also won a reputation engendering a sense of fun. Even celebrities have derived benefits from their visits.

On a trip to Morocco, we'd heard about Argan oil was the first time. In the bitter winds, arid desert and glaring sun, the Berber women of Morocco have depended on beauty benefits from the nuts of the argan tree for centuries.  Naturally occurring oils for beauty?  Much talk has been made about apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, pomegranate seed oil,.. why not argan oil for natural beauty oil treatments?  The Argan forest in Morocco was declared an International Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1999.

Argan oil is one of the more buzzed-about ingredients in beauty, thanks to many benefits to skin and hair, though it is quite expensive. Traditionally, the goats, climb the trees to have a frenzied feasting of argan nuts. Goats climbing trees?  This I had to see with my own eyes.  Somewhere between villages enroute to Marrakech, the tour bus slows to a crawl: camera at the ready.... two goat herders and their herd, about thirty of so milling around beneath a copse of Argan trees and eyes scanning the tree - there!  I counted at least six high up and craning their necks to nibble on fruit and leaves - amazing. They seemed sure-footed up there.

Through the wonders of goat digestion, the shells of the nuts became easier to open, and processing went from there. Yup, goat poo apparently... traditionally Argan oil is produced by several women's co-operatives in the southwestern parts of Morocco. Besides the opportunity earn a fair wage, establish steady income, work under good condition, these women's co-ops also aid in the task of preserving the precious argan tree forests. The most labour-intensive part of oil-extraction is removal of the soft pulp and the cracking by hand, between two stones, of the hard nut. The seeds are then removed and gently roasted. This roasting accounts for part of the oil's distinctive, nutty flavour.  Go girls!  And, culinary argan oil, is delicious mixed with honey and almonds. Just sublime, nutty and so moreish!

Facial exercises are a godsend – helps lift, firm, tone your muscles, control skin from sagging as one ages and reduce wrinkles. Also great for stroke-rehab (See: stroke) as I've had to do facial exercises to facilitate talking, smiling, been able to pronounce words again, since I had my brain-haemorrhage resulting in a stroke.

Clear complexion, radiant smile, lustrous hair? Some of the health and skincare products in expensive stores might cost the earth, or they may be Mom's natural recipe for keeping young and beautiful. Streamline your image now, without spending heaps of cash, honed down to what suits you best? The signature style for you – fabulous!