Where would you celebrate big events? Perhaps the iconic Skytower with fine dining, convenient access, visually stunning, and close to the waterfront where you can celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, New Years, use it for a specific a function venue and a whole lot more.

There are loads of restaurants in and around the Skytower complex, but for the moment I'm referring to 360 Orbit Dining, the revolving restaurant in the Auckland central business district

Soaring high above Auckland you'll discover Orbit, a truly iconic New Zealand brasserie offering diners sensational views, food and ambience to match. Situated at the top of Auckland's Sky Tower, the dining room rotates once every hour, providing a truly unique experience with amazing 360° panoramas of the city, the Hauraki Gulf and beyond.


The Orbit offers a modern dining experience in a relaxed, open atmosphere with a delicious kiwi-inspired à la carte menu that features the best local and seasonal produce. As New Zealand's only rotating restaurant offering 360-degree views, it’s an unforgettable experience that never ceases to delight, however many times you've been before. The changing colours of the sky, people seeming like teeny-weeny ants, going home on the motorway or across the Harbour Bridge... what were they thinking, who were they meeting... in the split-second that you gazed upon them, to be replaced by a towering building, as the revolving restaurant turned on its axis.

Diners can also enjoy complimentary Sky Tower admission 45 minutes prior to and/or upon completion of dining. That being the case, we had decide to go early to take advantage of the dusk, changing to early hours of night. It was just magical.

I couldn't help to be mesmerised by the glittering lights below. With a panoramic view of Auckland, it is simply amazing, absolutely breathtaking. The area you sit in is constantly moving ever so slightly, so during your time up there, you get to experience the whole view. If you do excuse yourself in search of the ladies or gents, your table is bound to have moved from where it was a minute ago. It's slightly disconcerting; also to put anything on the side of the sill of the revolving restaurant (in my case, a clutch bag), it a habit of moving along, before I realised; oops ...

The Skytower dining showcases a harmony of flavours, simple yet contemporary in a stunning space and wonderful atmosphere.

SkyCity Auckland is a casino and event centre in the Central Business District of Auckland, New Zealand, located at the base of the Sky Tower. Besides the casino, open all hours, 365 days, except Xmas Day, and a few other public holidays, the other dining establisments are just as impressive.

The chefs that make up the majority of the culinary delights in Skycity; Al Brown's approach to cooking is all about simplicity and generosity; Nic Watt's food philosophy is simple, a passion for flavour and dedication to detail. Sean Connolly's approach is all about bringing people together in relaxed, uncomplicated atmosphere. Peter Gordon's fusion cuisine and unique culinary philosophy, is influenced by his extensive travels around the world. From Japanese to Italian; beef so delightfully, deliciously prepared to as fall off the bone to Spanish tapas, and more.

Tastes of the Orient, namely Chinese and Japanese cuisine or fusion is shown in the lineup of restaurants. Jade Dragon, The Hot Wok, Fortuna and Masu conjure tasty and eclectic cuisine when dining at Skycity. At all prices ranges, quick noodle-house type options to very grand offerings such as crayfish and abalone, what about sashimi and the robata grill? Masu has perfected the Robatayaki experience, a flavourful menu with a contemporary twist.

I remember the unbelievable good value we had some years ago in Spain. We had been invited to a new Chinese buffet restaurant. The moment we stepped through its portals, we knew that we had found probably the best Chinese-fusion-sushi buffet restaurant in our area. It's not for the faint-hearted amongst you – this is very serious buffet-eating. Located in a busy area of schools, ice-skating, squash and gym, swimming baths, a hotel is nearby, it is in a prime position.

Wok Sushi is huge and has an impressive spread. Trays upon trays of sushi. Then, raw prawns, salmon, tuna, squid, crab, Norway lobster (cigala) or langoustines, razor clams (navajas), clams (almejas), oysters on the half shell, chicken beef, pork, etc. The 7 chefs waited to get the raw food you'd wanted to try, plus the asparagas and other vegetables that you've selected to cook in the wok using the sauces you'd chosen. On the other hand, there are trays of cooked variety of dishes from the counters, the list is endless.

The Peking duck was sublime - honeyed duck, served with Chinese pancakes, spring onions and hoisin sauce for a mouthwatering main course; the starter was 10 raw oysters each, sushi plus freshly sliced thin jamon iberico (cured ham).. and you could go back for seconds, thirds, and many times as possible. All for the one price, and bottomless glasses of drinks; we paid for one beer and wine, and you go get the refill for free – amazing value. Also, icecream and desserts are included in the price of the meal.

In Spain, many cafes and eateries offer some form of tapas using chistorra, boquerones, manchego & membrillo; some are more elaborate, whilst others do wholesome home-cooking in the form of small plates.  Pintxos and montaditos are a very easy way to get a quick meal and infinitely delicious. But chistorra... aahhh. Chistorra is a delicious, smoky cooking sausage originally from the Basque country, in Northern Spain. Seasoned with smoked pimentón, paprika and fresh garlic, this super thin chorizo has a juicy, meaty flavor and a crisp bite. Great on the grill, or cut into bite sized pieces, it can be served with eggs as well. Chistorra is deliciously decadent. (See: Tapas)

Almost 40 Michelin starred restaurants are found in the Basque Country up in northern Spain.  It is recognised as one of the best fine dining destinations in the world. The coastal cuisine is dominated by fish and seafood, and inland cuisine with fresh and cured meats, many vegetables and legumes, and freshwater fish and salted-cod.  French, Spanish influences, Jews and Portuguese, chocolate, pastry and confectionery industries – it is a cross-culture of food. From traditional to experimental dishes, it's all there.

The exercise of the tapas crawl from bar to bar, called txikiteo, is seen on TV programs and documentaries. Hundreds of people on the streets of the old town wandering from bar to bar, each known for its specialty, is a sight to behold.  It is true; we followed in their footsteps, when we visited Bilbao and San Sebastian recently, and relished the choice.

We haven't tried the Spanish restaurant yet, around Skycity, Auckland.  Having lived in Spain for a number of years, the cuisine there is rather special, depending on where in Spain the cuisine comes from; the coast, the plains, the mountains... Bellota, at Skytower Auckland – Spanish restaurant/tapas - the restaurant sounds very promising and the menu extensive.