This is where the big stuff resides, in one location. 

Firepit video and Holiday Ideas, Moors & Christians parades and dazzling costumes - festivals, fiestas of Elche are celebrated over a few weeks each year.  Styles from Cuba, Las Vegas in Venetian splendour, wedding bliss in the Maldives, Spanish decor with Gaudi-esque mosaics, Mexican trellis, Caribbean pool and thatch? Holiday ideas are plentiful and all around us.

So far we have:

  • Elche Festival 2010

  • Inspiration: building your own firepit

  • Holiday Ideas - a range of pictures taken on holiday that maybe we can make use of

Elche Festival 2010

It's a two-week extravaganza of of stylised Moors+Christians parades, a crazy parade (charanga), Elche-wide Arroz con Costra competition, i.e. a Spanish paella with a souffle top, plus a large one that can feed 2000, tapas and beers in the central park, fireworks during the day plus a half-hour fireworks display in the centre of Elche which is more like a war zone, and then to top it off with a Vatican-sanctioned and UNESCO recognised medieval play in the city Cathedral over a whole weekend.  And lots of food and wine.

These photo sets are separated according to date:

  • 08-August (this one to the right)

  • 09-August

  • 10--August

  • 11-August

  • 12-August

  • 13-August

  • and the final weekend 14+15 August

8th August

9th August

10th August

11th August

12th August

13th August

Weekend 14 & 15 August


The 'firepit' idea had a few beers behind it when the construction started...

Inspiration from what we find on our travels...

Pix from holidays/travels that pique the interest.... hmmm, what would we do with this?  Either reproduce it in a smaller or larger fashion, use some part of it, or incorporate it into some larger piece of work.