Hydrotherapy after Stroke again – great. The hydrotherapy stroke-exercises helped me the previous weeks and gave me a confidence boost.  It was warm and peaceful; intermittent sounds of splashing as another patient went through his paces. Ten minutes later it was my turn. Having changed; to the warm showers, before (and after) the pool session; into the pool. It was a couple of weeks already and I was showing improvement.

Warming up in the pool, the hydrotherapist said to do the walk, as straight as possible following the line marked on the floor of the pool.  To and fro, without the use of weights on my right leg. I did it, wow, for a length or two. She then used some other floaties, with or without weights, to vary the excercises.

There were cycles in the pool at one end; a high-chair; a mini-trampoline; which I hadn't tried before. It was amazing – I could cycle – that was something I could do prior to the stroke, but I thought, gone for forever. I had a great time, cycling in the water. Though, I found it easier to do it when she's got me on floaties and I was free-cycling in the water.

I've never done any trampoline work, ever. When the hydrotherapist suggested I give it a go, I approached the mini-trampoline with trepidation. It was suggested to me, to do stepping up and down, on alternate feet; to step and to bounce ever so slightly; etc. Over the next couple of weeks, the trampoline work had been varied to produces different results, as she adjusted the program to suit my needs. 

When I had the chance to 'jump' on the trampoline, in the water, it was quite unusual.  The water compensated for the lack of balance and I felt more confident, as the fear of falling and hurting myself was lessened - it was a lot of fun.  The hydrotherapist also had a T--bar on a pulley system in one the corner of the pool, a device to help stretching out my right arm.  One of the last exercises was stretching my leg muscles out on the pool steps.